Launching New Participation in Medicare 10/1/2019

Why is this change happening?

After careful examination of our practice where a large portion of our care is delivered to the elderly, chronically ill, or homebound – that is, Medicare beneficiaries – it became clear that re-enrolling for participation with Medicare is the best way for us to sustainably stay open and accessible. 

Will ThriveAPC begin accepting other forms of insurance?  What about MassHealth?

Medicare Part B (the part that covers doctors’ services and outpatient care) is the only health plan through whom Thrive Adult Primary Care will process third-party payment for the foreseeable future. We will continue offering our services to patients without Medicare through Direct Care (private pay) options.

How will this change affect current patients of the practice?

Either not at all, or for the better.  Our primary objective is to uphold the impeccable standard of Primary Care our patients have come to expect while keeping pricing and billing simple and transparent.

  • For active member patients whose insurance does not involve Medicare at all, NO CHANGES will be made to the current Direct Primary Care (DPC) memberships. 
  • For active member patients who do carry Medicare plans, membership plans will be changed from DPC to TranscEnd™ Medicare, but rates will ONLY change if the monthly cost is more than $125 per month, in which case the rate will DECREASE TO $1200 per year (payable in monthly installments of $125 per month without interest or late fees).

Do I still have to “become a member” to be a patient at Thrive Adult Primary Care?

There is NO need for a monthly membership to receive care at ThriveAPC. Medicare patients are welcome to come to the office on a visit-by-visit basis, owing no more than the standard visit co-pays.

Individual visits for Non-Medicare patients are priced sensibly and transparently. Our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) options are available to ALL patients without Medicare, just check out our Price List for more information.